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In Quechua, one of the traditional native languages of the Incan culture, Wayra is the word for Wind. Since 1985, Jaime Rodriguez (Wayra) has enjoyed an extensive performance and recording career as the founder of the traditional Incan music bands “ Llaqtaymanta and Inca Pacha “. The exotic sounds of traditional Incan music can be dated back as many as five hundred years, representing one of the most well preserved forms of Native American culture.” Llaqtaymanta” toured throughout Europe presenting the music of the Andes to appreciative audiences. Adapting some western influences, Wayra formed “ Inca Pacha “, a group blending the stories of the ancient culture of the Andes mountains with contemporary arrangements. Inca Pacha's two US releases (The World Of The Andes, and Spirit Winds) feature the traditional instruments of Wayra's homeland, ( PERU ) in the musical styles of carnival, canción, tonada, and san juanito. Then, Wayra .. traveling through different festivals and events, discovers the wonderful and beautiful sound of the Native American Flute .... and it is there when his successful musical career begins. The enthusiasm generated by Wayra's live performances throughout the United States and Canadá has resulted in Wayra's first solo release" A Collection of Contemporary and Native American Themes". As a solo artist, Wayra is the first musician of the Andes to mix the sound of the Andean
instruments, like the quena and panflute with the Native American Flute ... in addition to recording classic themes of American culture such as Gospel, Country and Hollywood movie themes. " Wayra,The Wind “..plays the Native American flute with a natural rhythm, full of sensitivity and emotion….transcendent beyond words.His music offers this experience, combining the enchanting sounds of his native musical instruments with the solitude of earth, sky and the gift of nature,filling our hearts with a peacefulness to last us a lifetime. The music on his recordings, was created in celebration of the various splendors of the Mother Earth and nature. Wayra´s music embarks you on a spiritual journey of peace and goodwill for all human kind, and brings with him a lifetime of ancestral traditions from his Native American way of life, incorporating them into his beautiful flute music which we are able to experience today. Many say his music is a medicine and will capture your spirit and heal what ails your soul. As you listen to the sounds from Wayra hauntingly beautiful Native American Music, he will immediately take you back in time to when life was pure and simple. His music is a testament of his life and of his ancestors. He shares this testament with all of us, reaching into your heart and gracefully touching the very core of your soul………………………….. @ Peter Roberts -Sunshine Magazine - USA. –



The  return  of  " WAYRA  THE  WIND " , to PERU  his homeland ...the  land of  the  Inka  Empire         

After 28 years of traveling the world, sharing his art and music, Wayra returns to his homeland for family reasons (his father was not in very good health)and also because he wanted to share with his family the time he had been away from them ....
Unfortunately his father died in 2015 .... and it is there that he decides to definitively settle in PERU, to help his mother, brothers and sisters who had lost the patriarch of his family.
But WAYRA, never lost contact with his friends and fans, who sent him greetings and positive energy in these difficult moments that he had to live ...
Wayra built his recording studio, where until now he continues to produce his music and receives the appreciation and excellent comments of more than 10'000,0000 visitors in youtube, vimeo and other social networks.
Wayra receives many emails from people all over the world about his music, arts&crafts, classes on how to play the Native American Flute and musical instruments of the Andes.

This is how WAYRA decides to create this new project for all of you, which is that ...people from all over the world interested in his music, arts&crafts, his knowledge or simply want to know the land of the Incas, can share with him in a personalized way visiting PERU, his recording studio, lodging and spend pleasant moments during your stay in PERU.
Wayra personally if you wish will guide you to the different beautiful places of this land called PERU.
Thank you for visiting the new Wayra website and we hope to have the joy of welcoming all of you.!

Any questions, about tour packages, lodging, music, musical instruments, Arts &Crafts ... will be answered personally by wayra.

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